Do you want more broadband choices? Watch this video. Take Action.

Petition to the FCC and U.S. Congress:

"I want MORE choice for broadband service. I do not want a monopoly or duopoly controlling my access to the Internet. Broadband competition brings lower prices, better service and more innovation.

Policy makers must make broadband competition a priority in Washington DC. Our leaders must encourage broadband competition across all technology platforms, and make access to more choices available to all. The result will be better service for our homes and businesses, and our schools, hospitals, and government buildings."

Meet BOB

BOB is Big Old Broadband. BOB serves the meat loaf of broadband. BOB doesn’t like choices. But his customers do. They want more choices, and better prices for broadband service. One or two companies is just not enough. That’s not really a choice at all.

Broadband prices rise, no choice. Customer service falls, still no choice. That’s BOB’s world, and we want out. Tell the FCC and Congress to act on broadband competition NOW.

How Bad is BOB’s Meatloaf Broadband Policy?

At higher broadband speeds, the type you need for streaming Netflix or working from home, these numbers tell it all:

  • 55 percent of American households have only ONE choice for broadband service.
  • 80 percent of Americans have only TWO choices for broadband service.
  • And for business service, it can be even worse!

There are reasons BOB has cornered the broadband market. And there is something YOU can do to stop BOB. If you want more choices, from more providers and more new networks, tell the FCC and Congress to support Broadband Competition Policy.

The Plan for More Broadband Competition

Both Net Neutrality and the defeat of recent cable mergers came down to the same issue: lack of competition for broadband service. It’s time to correct this problem and encourage more competition in every way possible. Here are a few ways policy makers can protect and encourage broadband competition:

Tech Transition: Competition policy should apply to all networks. Upgrades to the communication networks and the tech transitions should not be an excuse by big incumbent broadband companies to evade competition protections or raise rates. Customers should have equivalent access to competitive choices - before, during and after any technology upgrade.

Competitive Access: New network builders need their networks to connect with other networks and customers. The law states that access to a customer’s location must be made available at reasonable wholesale rates. This fosters more choices. Schools, libraries, hospitals and small business rely on these broadband lines. Don’t let BOB block access to competition and price out competitors.