Who We Are

The Broadband Coalition: Competitive broadband providers united to preserve innovation, competition and connection for future networks. 

Broadband Coalition members deploy next generation networks to provide integrated voice, data, and applications services to customers in all sectors of the US economy to all sectors of the business community, including small and medium size business, health, education and government.

We give the American people a choice when selecting a broadband services provider.  Our innovative products have helped reshape the communication landscape. Competition brings better prices - providing our customers with affordable options verse traditional wireline incumbent providers.  

We focus on customer service, helping American businesses and small businesses optimize new technology, new networks and broadband applications. We invest in our cities and towns, stimulate the economy and create jobs.

Broadband Coalition members are committed to offering a broadband choice, investment and innovation, as envisioned by the landmark bi-partisan Telecommunications Act of 1996.



Our core mission is to bring more competition to the broadband marketplace.  Competition brings more choices, better customer service and more affordable prices.

We are America’s innovative broadband providers. Investing in new products, new technology and new networks. We bring value and choice to our customers.

We promote and defend policies that encourage more competition and the connection of networks across all technology platforms.

We urge policy makers to reaffirm the bi-partisan 1996 Telecom Act’s commitment to access and competition as America's broadband networks evolve.